It all began with a small group of good friends back in 2007, partying in South Beach. Soon enough we came into realization that in order to party like VIP's we needed to know a promoter. We met many promoters along the way but none of them gave us what they promised:

Such as free entrance, VIP admissions,complimentary drinks, and amazing parties.

That’s when DAG Productions emerged, a group of good friends/promoters
designated to organize and promote the best parties and events in Miami.

We take pride in taking the phrase “Party like a Rock star” to a whole new level.

DAG has been responsible for Miami’s many legendary parties since its formation. From promoting at the most upscale clubs, organizing parties, and making the best out of any occasion, we turn any dull day into a holiday.

What makes DAG a different phenomena is that we make friends as opposed to just having "clients". We are genuine, warm, and we will throw the wildest, most fun parties for you and your friends, while sharing special moments as well.

Unlike many promoters that leave at their earliest convenience, we'll stay and assist you throughout the entire event. Since we started we've met a lot of people, but have made few true friends in the business. Promoters are mainly seen as a medium to get into clubs, and most of them are fine keeping it that way. We want to create a movement and make friends along the way, what makes us better is that we always welcome any newcomer as part of our group.